Ryzen Profiles now available again in Canada and Finland & KVM is now available on all our Xeon profiles
Product Update
Ryzen Profiles now available again in Canada and Finland
Since our Black Week and Cyber Monday campaign Ryzen profiles have been sold out. We got our hands on new hardware as quickly as we could and as promised Ryzen profiles are now again available in Canada and Finland. We are sorry for any inconvenience you may have had while waiting for these to become available again.
KVM is now available on all our Xeon profiles
We now offer KVM instances as a virtualization option in addition to our LXD instances. This means you can now spin up a fully virtualized environment where you have full control of all aspects of your machine including the kernel.
You can read more about everything that is particular to KVM here.
Introducing Bandwidth Restriction on all profiles. 20% Price increase on all Xeon profiles
Dear Customer
At Webdock we have always taken great pride in being fair, honest and transparent in our Pricing and we have strived to provide excellent - if not the best - value for money in the VPS hosting industry. The time has come however that we - due to a variety of reasons - are forced to implement a small price adjustment to all our Xeon profiles for both existing and new customers moving forward.
In addition to this, we have activated hard bandwidth caps on all our VPS profiles and are no longer including Unlimited Bandwidth in our profiles. This is not meant to be a profit driver but simply a necessary step in order to prevent rampant abuse of our hitherto generous policy. More on this below.
We never imagined we would need to adjust prices for existing customers and have always had the attitude that we would never do so unless we were forced to do so. As you are well aware the global economic situation is difficult and this has now finally trickled down to us here at Webdock. We are being hit with increasing costs from our Datacenter Providers as well as ever increasing cost of IPv4 address spaces and so on. Not to mention the general 10%+ inflation which has been on-going here in Europe ever since the invasion of Ukraine.
At the turn of the year we took a long hard look at our budgets and where we are going as a company and the objectives we want to achieve, namely more and better products for our customers moving forward. This led to a realization that if we were to achieve these goals, we would have to adjust our pricing and strategy moving forward.
In short, Webdock is a company moving towards providing a premium product
at a very good price and not aiming to have the lowest price possible in the market.
If you contrast our offering to other cloud providers such as Linode, DigitalOcean and Vultr you will find that we are still cheaper than those providers while providing much higher resource and bandwidths caps and include free stuff like snapshots, transactional emailing etc. as well as our excellent control panel.
We hope this price increase is met with understanding and support from all our customers. We do not foresee we will be forced to increase prices for existing customers again in the future, and if we ever do, it will be in "some years" time.
Price increase is effective for existing customers February 1st, or on your next bill
The price increase to our Xeon profiles is effective from today but existing customers will not be paying the new adjusted price until they are next billed, typically on February 1st unless you just created a server earlier today. The price increase is exactly 20% on all profiles, or 50 Cent on our Nano4 profile up to 8 Euro on our largest Premium profile.
All Webdock Profiles now have a Bandwidth Cap and Overage will be billed automatically
We introduced our Free Bandwidth policy on most profiles with a positive attitude and thought this would help alleviate anxiety in our customers and help differentiate us in the marketplace.
However, despite our best efforts our Unlimited Bandwidth policy has been the subject of rampant and on-going abuse. We are at this time encountering more and more difficulty managing this, as until now we have had no automated stops of such abuse, which requires us to manually review each and every instance of high bandwidth usage in order to make sure it is legitimate and falls within our TOS.
98% of Legitimate Workloads / Customers will never encounter the Bandwith Limit
Through simulation and pulling lots of stats we have determined that the vast majority of our customes, or about 98% will never hit the bandwidth limits we have put in place as we have made them quite generous (especially if you look at our competitors). We chose the current limits with exactly this in mind: This is not supposed to be a profit driver for us in any way, it is simply in place to prevent abuse and help ensure the stability of our network for all our legitimate users.
How we will bill Bandwidth Overage
Our current Bandwidth
Overage rate is €2.5/TB
and it is
only outgoing traffic
which counts towards your bandwidth cap.
We will bill you in incremental steps beginning with the first charge happening once you have expended 100GB over your allowed limit. The next charge happens once you have expended another 200GB over your limit and so on up to 500GB in increments. The increments do not reset once you enter a new billing period.
This scheme is designed to stop abusers early from using too much bandwidth, while increasing the limits quickly for legitimate customers so you will not billed too often. We imagine we will adjust this logic as we gain more experience with real-life usage patterns in the coming months. If you don't hit a specific increment in a given month, any overage will simply be settled on your next monthly bill.
How you will be alerted and can monitor Bandwidth Overage
We will send numerous email alerts before you hit your bandwidth cap in any given month. First when you reach 80% next when you reach 90% and finally once you cross your bandwidth limit. After which you will receive payment notifications for bandwidth overage charges as described above.
You can at any time view current Bandwidth utilization
along with details on charges and an estimate on total usage for the month in the Webdock Dashboard on your main server information screen (click on "View Bandwidth Details & Charges" below the Network Pie Chart)
Skærmbillede 2023-01-04 kl
Best New Years Greetings from the Webdock team, and we look forward to unveil exciting new features and products this coming year, beginning next week (hopefully) with KVM on Xeon as well as new Ryzen capacity in both Canada and Finland.
Cordially yours
Arni Johannesson
New Ryzen Profiles Launched, New Ryzen Hardware has arrived
Product Update
Merry X-Mas to You All!
We are happy to announce that we have changed our Ryzen lineup today where we have added more CPU and/or Disk to all profiles while introducing a new entry-level profile: NVMe Ryzen® 9 Nano4
As you may have noticed all profiles have received an appreciable increase in price. We are as a company moving towards providing a premium product at a good price and not aiming to have the lowest price possible in the market.
If you contrast our offering to other cloud providers such as Linode, DigitalOcean and Vultr you will find that we are still cheaper than those providers while including free stuff like snapshots, transactional emailing etc. as well as our excellent control panel.
We hope these product lineup changes are well received. These changes do not impact existing customers in any way who are on the old Ryzen profiles. Those profiles and prices remain unchanged as you will discover when logging in to the Webdock Control Panel.
As an aside, we finally received our new batch of Ryzen hardware after some delay at our office in Denmark. We will be building the machines over the coming week or so and expect to ship them to the Datacenters sometime next week.
At which time fresh new capacity will become available as well as Xeon machines dedicated for KVM workloads so we can finally open up for KVM on Xeon.
A merry Christmas to you all and we look forward to all the exciting things we will announce in 2023
Win a free Ryzen® 9 Premium Server for a year - worth €479.88
New article
It's competition time!
There a many things you can use our VPS servers for. We would love to see what you guys are actually doing with our product. Record your screen and show us what what you are doing - hosting a Wordpress site, playing your favorite game or something entirely different and you may just win a free Ryzen® 9 Premium Server for a year!
Upload your video on your preferred social media channel and share the link to the post here (the post must be public and shareable). Then you have officially entered the competition. We will select the winner who did the best and most creative video as the winner!
By sharing the link you also give Webdock.io the permission to repost your link on all our SoMe channel. We will announce the winner on Thursday the 22nd of December 2022.
Good luck!
Bot protection for everybody!
Product Update
# Bot protection for everybody!
If you are using our Canada location we are happy to share the news that Bot Protection with Botguard is now available. Botguard was not available in Canada before as we did not have proper infrastructure for this in place, but now we do. And what's better yet, you get it included for free in your monthly subscription fee.
To start using Botguard, go to the Botguard page which you can find in the main server menu. There you will find instructions on how to activate Botguard and get started protecting your website.
Ryzen sold out in Finland - new hardware on its way!
Product Update
Due to our latest Black Week and Cyber Monday campaign we are temporarily sold out of Ryzen in Finland and soon Canada as well.
Skærmbillede 2022-11-30 kl
We have already ordered hardware for new Ryzen servers for both locations, so we will soon be able to provide you with more Ryzen servers. We will inform you as soon as they are up and running. We hope they can be deployed before christmas as otherwise due to the holidays they will not become available until beginning of January.
Thanks for your patience.
Arni from Webdock.
Last chance to get 50% your hosting expenses!
Offers & Discounts
Today it is the final day of the 2022 Black Week and Cyber Monday campaign. You can save up to 50% of your hosting expenses. That is a pretty good deal. Consider if you can find some money in the budget to invest now if you haven't already purchased two deals per account.
We have two available deals - click here to purchase:
Skærmbillede 2022-11-28 [kl
Skærmbillede 2022-11-28 kl
Arni from Webdock
Our Black Week and Cyber Monday deals are now live!
Offers & Discounts
We went live today with the all of our deals for Black Week and Cyber Monday 2022.
Remember that this year it is possible to purchase two (2) deals per user account. So don't miss out on our great offers. They will save you a lot in hosting cost over the next year.
We have already sold out of the 50€ deal for just €25 - so check out the other deals now and don’t miss out on a great chance to save a lot of money on your hosting expenses.
Have a nice day!
Arni from Webdock
Our new datacenter in DK is now in progress :-)
Our new datacenter in Denmark has now broken ground! Arni, our CEO and Founder, started digging and we had our first ever sod-turning ceremony. Lucky for him the professionels are taking over and preparing the groundwork for the foundation of the building from now on :-)
It is a big day for us. The initial idea of having our own datacenter started two years back, when we were just a small start up but it grew bigger and bigger and now we see the first proof that the idea is becoming reality. That is truly a great feeling. We really owe you guys a lot from supporting us over the last couple of years! Thank you!
We hope that if everything goes as planned the datacenter will be fully functional and up and running before summer 2023. We will keep you updated.
Operating our own datacenter enables us to provide you with an even better product but we will also be able to develop a lot of new products for you in the future. More on that later.
Feature update: Variable website width in our /docs
Product Update
We have implemented a nice little feature for resolutions greater than FHD which was requested by one of our users in this task.
He wrote:
Having trouble finding it, then check out the short video below:
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