There once was an IPv6-only profile with discounted pricing available.
That was however removed since the usage of that profile wasn't very high.
But, since the cost of providing IPv4 addresses is ever increasing, I am proposing a solution that benefits all, an IPv6-only addon option.
That means that, once the server is ordered, it will only receive an IPv6 address, no IPv4 necessary, and also no "charge" for using up a precious IPv4 IP from the Webdock range.
This enables customers who still need public IPv4 on their servers, to get them, but also pay the fair usage price for it, and customers like me (details below), who don't need any IPv4 or public IP, to do something good for the whole DC and freeing up IPv4 IPs, but also save some money on the monthly server cost.
I myself use tunneling technology exclusively on my many servers so I do not ever need a public IPv4 (or IPv6 for that matter) address, since the users do not access the origin directly, rather the edge routers of the tunneling network. But proposing CGNAT for that scenario wouldn't be feasible, and would also create much more network+admin overhead for the datacenters.